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ICT – SOS for the environment

//ICT – SOS for the environment

ICT – SOS for the environment

The world has found itself in a global ecological crisis caused by thoughtless and greedy consumption of the environment and nature. Blinded only by the apparent wealth and comfort of life, we have forgotten that there are limits to endurance, limits that must not be exceeded. But in order not to exceed them, one must have knowledge, and it must be ecological knowledge, which must be easily accessible to everyone, including through information and computer technology (ICT).
Project entitled „ICT –a tool for environment” is a joint initiative of partnership established between NGOs from Poland – AgriNatura Foundation, Hungary – Védegylet Egyesület, Moldova – ProEntranse and Germany – LuXX.
Waste is one of the most important and difficult environmental problems. Regardless of better or worse management systems – garbage has become a problem that we have to deal with every day. Will we control him? Can transnational mechanisms be built? Does every citizen know that individual decisions affect the amount of rubbish?
Our partnership will try to answer these and other questions. And thanks to the exchange of knowledge, experience, learning the best examples, it will develop educational content adequate to the needs of each country, which will supplement the knowledge of educators / trainers transferred to the target group – local communities in the partner countries.
The final results of the project will be two Guidebooks: „Garbage is a personal factor – choices and decisions to minimize / segregate – ICT tool for monitoring waste” and „Garbage is an economic / political / social factor – ICT as a tool for participation in public life”, and educational video about the benefits of composting and a database of best practices.
The partners planned the duration of the project for 22 months from December 1, 2020 to October 31, 2022.
Information on the partners’ cooperation and the results will be posted on the partners’ websites and in social media and will be available to all interested parties.

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