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Strengthening the Immune Systems of Medical Workers

//Strengthening the Immune Systems of Medical Workers

Strengthening the Immune Systems of Medical Workers

Taking into account that the state of emergency in the Republic of Moldova started on March 18, 2020, for a period of 60 days and the difficult situation in which the national medical system is put, having in the first line doctors and medical workers, 3 associations of producers and processors of bee and medicinal products have joined forces and through collective actions provided support for those directly involved in the fight against COVID 19.

In this regard, the Association of Medicinal, Aromatic and Tea Plant Producers of the Republic of Moldova „AROMEDA”, the Association of Beekeepers from Calarasi district „APIS Codru” and the Association of Beekeepers of the Republic of Moldova „APIS Melifera” came on April 02, 2020, at 3 hospitals from Chisinau municipality with „HEALTH” packages consisting of teas, honey and hetero-oils for doctors which are in the „first line” against the new type of corona virus. The 3 hospitals that benefited from the respective donations are:

  • Municipal Clinical Hospital of Contagious Diseases for Children;
  • Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases „Toma Ciorbă”;
  • The Municipal Clinical Hospital „Sfântul Arhanghel Mihail”.

The support offered by the 3 associations mentioned above is meant to strengthen the immune system of medical workers, who at the moment have a vital role in overcoming the crisis situation we are in.

Thus 3 associations asked their colleagues to join this charity common action, which aims to support the medical personnel which is directly involved in the fight against the COVID 19 virus because at that moment the fate of the entire nation depends on the condition of the doctors.

The representatives of the associations who performed the charity action are active participants within the activities organized by ProEntranse association within the BOND project.

BOND Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 774208.

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