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From offline to new online markets throw collective actions

//From offline to new online markets throw collective actions

From offline to new online markets throw collective actions

Republic of Moldova since March 18, 2020, for a period of 60 days, is in a state of emergency declared by the Parliament, a state caused by the pandemic spreading at global level: COVID-19.

The pandemic caused by the new type of Coronavirus puts most of the countries involved in a difficult situation. During this difficult period, agricultural producers or farmers also are facing hard times. Closing the open air markets and limiting the travel across the country make it difficult or even impossible for farmers to sell their own products.

In this regard, most of the small farmers have mobilized and throw collective actions went on sale in the online platforms and on social networks (facebook in particular).

Based on the above, we can say that several groups of producers have appeared in the online environment in the last period of time. One of these groups is called The SME’s market (Iarmarocul IMM-urilor).

Within this group we can see a very active dynamics of agricultural producers:

  • Verdeata ECO – Vegetables and salads;
  • SRL Sipotavi SC – Farm specialized in breeding mixed breeds, with slow growth;
  • Piața Angro Călărași (Angro Market Calarasi region) – Agricultural products;
  • Verdego – Vegan sauces and snacks, artisanal cuisine;
  • Good Market – Dried fruits;
  • Speranta (the Hope) – Asparagus;
  • LARO Migdale – Almonds;
  • Flori de Suruceni – Flowers from Suruceni region;
  • Prunica – Plums non-smoked dried;
  • Sweet and Chilli – Hot peppers jam;
  • Pâine Integrală Globa Leonid – Natural bread;
  • Catina_SHOP – Sea buckthorn;
  • Verdeturi autohtone cu livrare la domiciliu – Domestic vegetables with home delivery.

These and many other groups or individuals have registered on social networks pages to sell their own products. This shows that Moldovan small farmers can face the new challenges through collective actions, association and mobilization to overcome the hard times.

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